Monday, May 14, 2007

This is an update on Meta Linden

Meta Linden just IM'ed me back the following:

[18:57] Meta Linden: Hi Honey I checked with more other Lindens (I am new btw) and discovered that while our TOS doesn't state that it only covers SL Servers, and the intention is to protect the privacy of all resident conversations, that we do not enforce outside of our servers, forums, and blogs, as a matter of policy. I was incorrect. I apologize.

[18:59] Meta Linden: I communicate with a lot of external bloggers, I post my in-world office hour minutes on the wiki, and do take our residents individual privacy *very* seriously

Thank you Meta. :)

I would like to point out why I wrote the article you initially asked me to take down. Me and several of my friends have been AR'ing people within that community which was advertising itself as an escort service specializing in girls under 14 (RP wise). This was against the advertisement clause that Chadrick Linden set out. But our AR's do nothing. The whole abuse system is a failure. Thus my article.

Please read this update.


The said...

oh dang,

how would one become a Linden without knowing this?

i guess he didnt spend time on the forum before graduating to lindendon.

ps: you did good standing up against him in the previous one... thx for the update.

dyerbrookME said...

Bollocks. Meta Linden knew *exactly* what she was doing -- she was aggressively pursuing a policy in the usual "distributed decision-making" mode that the Lab encourages and hoping she could get away with it.

Only because this incident was heavily publicized around the blogsphere was she forced to relent.

Meta Linden is, by her own admission, a resident who was in SL before she became a Linden, owned a sim, and had -- or has! -- a business.

So she knows exactly what she's up to, she's trying to inch forward a policy that no doubt some Lindens do back but they as a company just haven't risen yet to the test of articulating it.

I'm thinking that as always, in SL, there is more to this story than meets the eye.


Mikayla said...

This really makes me wonder what sort of residents that Linden Labs hires. It would seem to me that they would check and make sure that troublesome residents aren't hired into LL...or maybe they are just so desperate that they will hire anybody half qualified for the position.

Even more troublesome is them hiring somebody and let them loose on the grid without full understanding of the TOS. It seems like that would be a prerequisite to even working there. This is indeed one of the more troubling things I have seen. Kudos to you Honey for standing your ground (although I have never known you to do anything but that!)