Monday, May 7, 2007

Linden labs to sell my personal information!!! YAY

On May 15 2007, the Linden Labs is going to demand every single user to give identification in the form of social security numbers, passports and drivers licences to a company called Aristotle.

The reason for doing this is apparently to stop minors from accessing (Second Life is strictly 18+), the majority of SL areas (which would automatically deny access to anyone who has not validated themsleves with Aristotle). And it doesn't matter if you're an adult and have been using SecondLife for 2 years with your credit card validation. They force you to submit all sorts of personal data to this Aristotle.

And who is Aristotle?

Why they are corrupt data selling horse fuckers. (PROOF)

Aristotle International used a website to sell the lists, which contain details about registered voters from nearly every state. The data includes birth dates, home addresses, phone numbers, race, income levels, ethnic backgrounds and, in some cases, religious affiliations.
But in reality, Aristotle's site allowed anyone to register and purchase lists under a phony name and address. The site asked only for a name, the state where the buyer resided, an e-mail address and a phone number. Fields for mailing address and company name were optional.

Sylvia Levy, a South Carolina voter whose data appeared on a list purchased by Wired News, said she was surprised to learn about the transaction.

"If I knew this, I would never have registered," she said. "This is very disturbing, and I'm very disappointed in the system."

And that was about RL voting. Now we are trusting our personal and private information with these con artists. What the fuck is Linden Labs thinking? Yeah wut?

I'm sure gonna trust LL and some marketing whores when Homeland Security and TSA are so cool on personal data.

I've been hearing from various people that LL is imposing this age verification (along with a ban on age-play due to pedophilic cases in Germany vs SL resis's).

Rock Vielle posted the following on the old forum :

Following the story that in Holland, the Dutch Prosecutor's Office is considering legal action against child porn in SL ( and (, and the blog concerning Rape Games (, the sexual activity of some players in SL has again come under the spotlight with a recent German news broadcast, on ARD, again focussing on child porn (

In Germany it is not only illegal to engage in paedophilia, but also to depict it in any way. Stories, pictures, cartoons etc depicting any of this is illegal. Circulating now in German porn shops are movies made inside SL showing sex between a child avi and an adult avi.

In Europe, the stories concerning SL are starting to become entrenched in people's minds that SL is a haven for paedophiles.

There is talk of another programme coming up, on BBC's Panorama, also depicting SL in this way. It is getting to the stage where, in Europe, who would admit to being in SL?

How many of these kind of news stories will it take before rl businesses and corporations desert SL in droves?

Is it time that all sexual activity in SL, which engages in role playing which is illegal in RL, such as Age Play (paedophilia), Rape Play (rape, abduction, sexual assault), Gorean Lifestyles (sexual slavery), even Furry Sex (bestiality) should be outlawed completely by SL, for the greater good of the majority of its residents?

How many more negative news stories can SL survive? How long before these sickoes spoil it for the rest of us?

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