Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The secret gathering of virtual dykes.

For some strange reason, late last night I was accidental invited ("Honey" probably being a very common name in SL) to a secret gathering of an elite dyke conference. I had SL minimized most of the night, watching TV on Joost (free but stupid service), when all of a sudden, I noticed the SL program bar blinking. When I maximized it, I was reading pages of a virtual conferences to which I've been mistakenly invited.

Ahhh fun!

It appears that there is a secret cartel of virtual dykes living within Second Life, many of them are prominent members of the Second Life fashion and upper elite community. All of them were very worried about something that is affecting their virtual lives, and from the frantic scrolling of my conference window, I realized they were facing a crisis similar to that of the extinction of the dodo.

Being as silent as a mouse, I sat there and watched and read all that was written. At first I was trying to keep a straight face, but when I started understanding the topic of their discussion and the seriousness in which it was being debated, I couldn't help but burst into laughter.

This elite group of virtual lesbians had one real big issue. Linden Labs recently announced that Second Life as of 1.16 would include voice support, a feature that would be turned on by default. For some bizarre reason, this cartel of upper class elite dykes are all men, in real life. Their concern was that when voice support was enabled, they would have a very hard time explaining the 2-3 years of their virtual existence as hardcore female dykes to their in-game friends and partners. The seriousness in which this whole conference was debated nearly numbed me with hilarity. It appears some of them were even making plans to leave. And some others were coming up with various schemes to get around this new limitation.

The best line I heard was from one who said she would from now on tell people she was born deaf and mute.

I think we got a winner here.

I waited till everyone left the conference to close the window, so that no one would see "Honey Wendt has left the session" or the likes. But if you were one of the brilliant ladies in that conference, please feel free to send me an IM. I have no desire to post the full text of the conference or names involved.

PS: This is the second time this week that I've been mistakenly invited to a secret conference. I fumbled the first one by inquiring what it was all about, at which point all participants immediately left the conference.


Cala, Wired Faerie said...

I'm so glad you find it funny. It's ignorance and rudeness like yours that drives the transgender community to despair and depression and yes, to suicide. "Virtual Dykes", indeed. Try having a little empathy before you post ignorant drivel like this again.

And oh, by the way - despite the fact that you might have the greatest of intentions in pursuing CP in SL, you yourself are breaking the very TOS you whinge about in in your other posts - so be aware, you have been AR'ed. And no, being a vigilante is no excuse. Continue and you are likely to be banned.

Honey Wendt said...

Hello Cala,

I have nothing against the transgender community, infact this very article was written in humor.

And Cala, the SL TOS does not include stuff written on 3rd party sites.

In that post I was refering to my conversation being given by someone to someone else within SL, which is breaking of TOS. :) Hope that clears it.

Trinity said...

As a RL pre op Transsexual woman I have a female AV in SL, I am simply terrified about the new voice support because of the abuse and ridicule I will suffer from people like you.

Im so happy you find it funny.

Tom said...

I play a female in Second Life, and if anyone asks I tell them I'm male.

I have no desire to be or act like a woman in real life, I'm just a women in SL because I wanted to be something different, not a mirror image of what I was in my rl.

Most of my friends do think I'm really female but it doesn't bother me because they are strictly SL friends. It's not like I'm ever going to meet them in rl as I like to keep the two seperate.

I'll never see myself as transgender for those reasons because once I leave SL I don't think about it. In effect I'm living two different lives, which I figured is what SL is all about.

It gives me a chance to experiment and blog about my experiences though.

The voice chat doesn't worry me. Why? Well, no-ones forcing anyone to use it. It's just an option you can use if you want to. Guys who play females in SL shouldn't be terrified because it's their choice so I don't see what the fuss is about with these two other commenter's.

Great blog by the way! I'm following your investigation into child sex allegations with great interest. I don't agree with ageplay in any form, even if some people insist it's nothing sexual. Wanting to act like a child and be subservient to an adult is horribly wrong.

The said...

Cala = Super Calamari = Meta Linden!

it's funny how people talk about being abused and all and then going back and abusing others behind their backs.

shame on you dude you r teh stupid. it's people like you that shame the transgender community, along with any other minority community. being a minority myself, i find people like you totally not cool and not representive of what others like you want.

abuse is abuse regardless of who does it. and miss wendt's story is not about transgenders but rather the average horny hetrosexual dude who first makes a female av (i did it too) just for shits n gigglez. i've had female av's in almost every game i played. this doesn't mean i'm gonna have a sex change or anything, sl is secondlife, a fantasy role playing game. duh!