Monday, May 14, 2007

Posting conversations in my blog is against SL ToS

So we have some new Linden's handing out some really fresh rules.

Today I logged in to find my soft shadow text is missing and a note from Meta Linden stating the following:

[16:57] Meta Linden: (Saved Mon May 14 13:49:58 2007) Hello Honey W. We're receiving reports of you posting private conversations on your blog. I understand you may have good intentions but breaking the TOS isn't the way to handle this.

[16:59] Honey Wendt: Hello Meta Linden, How does posting logs of Second Life chat in a 3rd party site (Blogger) break the ToS? AFAIK the ToS only states you cannot post those within Second Life resources (ie. Forum, Blog, etc).

[16:59] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[17:01] Honey Wendt: Here is my Blog : , I can assure you that my blog is no way connected to Linden Lab.
Ofcourse, I was alarmed at this suggestion, I had no idea how far reaching this Linden Lab TOS is. I'm actually appalled.

Update: Meta Linden just IM'ed me.

[18:04] Meta Linden: Hello Honey. I suggest you actually read the section 4.1 of the TOS at and familiarize yourself with it. The language does NOT limit the privacy of conversations in SL to within SL boundaries
[18:05] Meta Linden: in fact it specifically states: "you shall not take any action or upload, post, e-mail or otherwise transmit Content..."
[18:05] Honey Wendt: Into SecondLife right?
[18:05] Meta Linden: not.
[18:05] Honey Wendt: My blog is not hosted in Second Life.
[18:05] Meta Linden: no, please read the TOS.
[18:05] Honey Wendt: Can you cut and paste me the bit, cause this is kinda alarming.
[18:06] Meta Linden: take any action or upload, post, e-mail or otherwise transmit Content as determined by Linden Lab at its sole discretion that is harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, causes tort, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable;
[18:06] Honey Wendt: This is within Second Life right?
[18:06] Honey Wendt: How would you control something that is posted outside in a 3rd party site.
[18:06] Honey Wendt: What about blogs by other people, what about forums by other people.
[18:06] Meta Linden: no where in the TOS does it say that it is limited to SL. What we are protecting is the privacy of conversations of our residents.
[18:07] Meta Linden: including yours.
[18:07] Meta Linden: posting private IM conversations of others onto a website or sent through an external email
[18:07] Honey Wendt: But you don't have any power over what I post on a blog.
[18:07] Meta Linden: is a violation of TOS and if reported is actionable.
[18:07] Honey Wendt: It's a 3rd party site, please understand this.
[18:07] Meta Linden: no you're right. But we do have rights over your SL account.
[18:07] Honey Wendt: That is true, are you threatening me btw?
[18:08] Meta Linden: you are violating the rights of the other people whose IMs you posted. And no, I am informing you of our policy
[18:08] Meta Linden: and kindly asking you to cease
[18:08] Honey Wendt: I see no reason how Lidnen Lab's ToS can apply to what I do outside Second Life.
[18:08] Honey Wendt: You pointed to the TOS and said it's a violation, not asked nicely.
[18:08] Honey Wendt: What about other bloggers? Almost every blogger out there does this.
[18:09] Honey Wendt: Plus did you read my blog? I thought I was posting stuff against age-players etc, stuff that you guys are totally against nowdays.
[18:09] Meta Linden: you're not the only blogger we have confronted over this. It doesn't matter the topic, I'm afraid. I do understand your position. Unless you have explicit rights from the individuals involved you should not be posting conversations.
[18:10] Meta Linden: We're not singling you out, or being threatening. Can you understand how this violates their privacy rights? Would you want anyone to blog your private IMs?
[18:10] Honey Wendt: I'm sorry Meta, I cannot censor myself on a 3rd party site, your TOS does not reach that far, if it did it would be a sad case, you have a right to terminate me, but in no case would it be according to your TOS.
[18:10] Honey Wendt: I've never violated anyone's RL privacy, everything on my blog is about virtual people. SL people.
[18:11] Meta Linden: SL Identities are real people.
[18:11] Honey Wendt: No I never posted anythign about their real identities.
[18:11] Honey Wendt: They are virtual entities, this is on a 3rd party site, you are asking me to censor, and I have read the TOS it has nothing to do with what you suggested.
[18:12] Meta Linden: can you show me where in the TOS you think it limits those terms only to within Second Life?
[18:12] Honey Wendt: Meta, do you know how ridiculus you sound.
[18:12] Honey Wendt: Linden Lab TOS cannot and will not be applied to my personal websites.
[18:13] Honey Wendt: I will not censor myself.
[18:13] Honey Wendt: I will speak to other Lindens regarding this.
[18:13] Meta Linden: it's about conversations that originated within Second Life. And please feel free to.
[18:13] Honey Wendt: Can you point to which conversation?
[18:14] Meta Linden: all of the conversations in your May 12th post. Do you have the permission of any of those avatars to post those conversations?
[18:14] Honey Wendt: Those conversations dealing with escorts posing as little girls?
[18:14] Honey Wendt: Surely, you are not defending them.
[18:14] Honey Wendt: I will not take them down.
[18:15] Honey Wendt: Meta, I have to go now, good luck.

Please read this update.

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