Saturday, April 28, 2007

Age player promises to stalk me

Just a few hours ago, I randomly msged a Sunshine Garmes and gave her a link to the new Linden Lab policy on age-play. For some reason she got very agitated by this, the policy is clearly for those who engaged in sexual age-play, thus I found her reaction pretty hilarious. And since I had better things to do than debate this concept with her, I muted her (as she had a whole scroll of justification going on).

Then a few minutes later, a person by the name of Greg Cummings, IM's me.

This is the conversation.
[18:56] Greg Cummings: hey what is the problem with sunshine ? she not sick like that
[18:56] Honey Wendt: Who are you
[18:57] Greg Cummings: i am her boy friend in rl and in sl so she did nothing
[18:57] Honey Wendt: Did nothing? What are you going on about?
[18:57] Greg Cummings: i got the note card u sent her
[18:57] Honey Wendt: I did not send anyone a notecard.
[18:57] Honey Wendt: You are plainly mistaken.
[18:57] Greg Cummings: can i send it 2 u?
[18:58] Honey Wendt: What is it about?
[18:58] Greg Cummings: it shows ur name all over it
[18:58] Honey Wendt: My name?
[18:58] Greg Cummings: yes
[18:58] Honey Wendt: You mean you got a notecard from her, with a private conversation between me and her?
[18:58] Honey Wendt: Please send it to me.
[18:58] Greg Cummings: yes it pissed her off
[18:58] Honey Wendt: This is a violation of community standards.
[18:59] Honey Wendt: I will have to abuse report her for this.
[18:59] Greg Cummings: omg stop plz shes a good person
[18:59] Honey Wendt: You cannot send notecards of private conversations without permission.
[18:59] Honey Wendt: You should have read the community standards before comming to this game.
[18:59] Greg Cummings: i do it all the time
[18:59] Honey Wendt: It's a violation and I am reporting this.
[19:00] Greg Cummings: ok report me im jusyt asking u to stop she did nothing
[19:00] Honey Wendt:
[19:00] Honey Wendt: # Disclosure Residents are entitled to a reasonable level of privacy with regard to their Second Lives. Sharing personal information about a fellow Resident --including gender, religion, age, marital status, race, sexual preference, and real-world location beyond what is provided by the Resident in the First Life page of their Resident profile is a violation of that Resident's privacy. Remotely monitoring conversations, posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without consent are all prohibited in Second Life and on the Second Life Forums.
[19:00] Greg Cummings: ok so if i sent u a note card calling u names u wouldnt send to ur bf or gf ?
[19:01] Honey Wendt: What do you mean? This is SecondLife, the conversation was a private conversation between me and her. I have every right to the conversation.
[19:01] Honey Wendt: If that was disclosed without my prior permission, it violates the CS.
[19:01] Honey Wendt: And thus I'm abuse reporting her for this.
[19:01] Greg Cummings: and so do i shes my woman and all the stuff u said is untrue
[19:01] Honey Wendt: That is of no concern to me.
[19:02] Greg Cummings: ok il send this because its not true
[19:02] Honey Wendt: You are also violating her right to be here. You just disclosed to me her RL sex.
[19:02] Honey Wendt: After having posted you the Dislosure statement.
[19:02] Honey Wendt: This is not cool. Please read the Community Standards.
[19:02] Greg Cummings: omg shell tell u shes a woman
[19:02] Honey Wendt: I do not wish to know this, neither did I ask you of this.
[19:03] Honey Wendt: It does nothing to my rights being violated. And my conversation being given to you without my prior permission.
[19:03] Honey Wendt: You a 3rd party who is in no way involved in any conversation I had with her.
[19:04] Greg Cummings: i live with her
[19:04] Honey Wendt: I don't care this is Second Life.
[19:04] Honey Wendt: What is her fulll name in Second Life, I have to put it for this AR.
[19:04] Greg Cummings: ok but i seen it on hher screen thats not cool we have 3 kids
[19:05] Honey Wendt: That does not concern me, and I suggest you think before typing.
[19:05] Honey Wendt: She has violated the Non-discolure community standard and I'll see to it that it's reported.
[19:05] Greg Cummings: lol i seen it on her screen she did no such thing
[19:05] Honey Wendt: Is there anything else you wish to tell me?
[19:06] Honey Wendt: What are you speaking of? She gave you my conversation with her. This is what I'm AR'ing.
[19:06] Greg Cummings: yes plz stop saying that stuff about her
[19:06] Greg Cummings: she didnt give to me did i send it 2 u? no im sitting at her pc
[19:07] Honey Wendt: What stuff are you talking about?
[19:07] Greg Cummings: hmm u know what u wrote im looking at it
[19:07] Honey Wendt: I'm asking you what I wrote.
[19:08] Honey Wendt: If you can't tell me then what's the use. You should read the community standards and rules before violating mine.
[19:08] Honey Wendt: I have abuse reported her for discolsure, and giving you a private conversation I had with her.
[19:08] Honey Wendt: Goodbye.
[19:09] Greg Cummings: i said im sitting at her computer and ill report u right now for lying
[19:10] Honey Wendt: For lying? There is no rule against lying and when did I lie? When you accuse someone do please tell me what I'm accused of in more detail
[19:10] Honey Wendt: I'm going to post this log all over the net. You are parnoid and totally childish.
[19:11] Greg Cummings: ur accusing some1 of something they didnt do so ur in the wrong but ill send it right now thank you
[19:11] Greg Cummings: lol ill sue u go ahead
[19:11] Honey Wendt: Explain this, it was you who told me that you got a notecard of my private conversation wtih that person.
[19:11] Honey Wendt: From that I know the CS was violated.
[19:12] Honey Wendt: I don't have to cute and paste you saying this right? It's right above.
[19:12] Greg Cummings: cause im sitting here looking at it at my gf'bf computer so u cant comtrol that
[19:13] Honey Wendt: You have changed your story, first it was you got a notecard from so and so. But sadly, I'm no longer interested in this conversation as it's childish and going in circles. Go vent out elsewhere, you obviously have sad conversational skills and logic.
[19:13] Honey Wendt: You are muted as well.
[19:14] Greg Cummings: lol ok ill go after u 2 for harring her
Ok folks, he's coming for me! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo scared!!!

Yes, I was in serious cat mode:

One strange thing he said was the following:

[19:04] Greg Cummings: i live with her
[19:04] Honey Wendt: I don't care this is Second Life.
[19:04] Greg Cummings: ok but i seen it on hher screen thats not cool we have 3 kids

Looking at Sunshine Garmes profile, I could see that those kids are clearly the SL kind, and not RL kind as Greg was suggesting.
I am Mommie to 3 Great Kids here in SL. (Crazy, Ellen, Joi) I am excited to be part of all of their experiances. I love them all Dearly!
This makes me wonder just how distorted reality is for these age-players.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Dude, you got virtually kicked out.

Dell was planting some virtual trees in SL to mark Earth Day.

I had to protest.

Dell island was full of people when TP'ed in, most of them were yelling out stuff like "Hey it's earth day, lets all get naked" and the likes. I thought it was fairly surreal and utterly not to the spirit of Earth day.

Thus, I yelled out "Planting virtual trees does not help the environment or Earth", and posted a link to a Silicon Valley Sluth article. Right after this I left the area, a moment later Mr. Boliver Oddfellow IM's me :

[16:14] Boliver Oddfellow: you are a guest in the Dell sim please behave like an honorered guest and not a griefer
[16:14] Honey Wendt: Dell is not helping the Earth
[16:14] Honey Wendt: By this virtual tree thing, I'm protesting I'm not a griefer.
[16:15] Honey Wendt: Yes call us terrorists now. That's what you people like doing right.
[16:15] Boliver Oddfellow: this is private land if you contunue youwill be banned as a griefer
[16:15] Honey Wendt: I'm not even there.
[16:15] Honey Wendt: Are you threatening me?
[16:15] Boliver Oddfellow: no I am imforming you
[16:15] Boliver Oddfellow: I dont threaten
[16:15] Honey Wendt: You people should not be doing this virtual crap.
[16:16] Honey Wendt: Are you involved in this?
[16:16] Honey Wendt: Who are you to inform me this?
[16:17] Honey Wendt: Do you deny the fact that planting virtual trees is not helping the world? Does Dell deny this?
[16:17] Boliver Oddfellow: you are gone see ya
[16:18] Honey Wendt: Answer the question cause this would be in blogs.
[16:18] Honey Wendt: You are being a representative of dell right?
[16:19] Boliver Oddfellow: I am the CEO of the company that built the sim, and planting a virtual tree does nothing but call attn to the actual program where real money is spent planting real trees
[16:19] Honey Wendt: Just answer this question.
[16:19] Honey Wendt: Does planting virtual trees, by Dell help the Earth.

Apparently, I'm banned from the Dell Islands for lulz.