Monday, April 23, 2007

Dude, you got virtually kicked out.

Dell was planting some virtual trees in SL to mark Earth Day.

I had to protest.

Dell island was full of people when TP'ed in, most of them were yelling out stuff like "Hey it's earth day, lets all get naked" and the likes. I thought it was fairly surreal and utterly not to the spirit of Earth day.

Thus, I yelled out "Planting virtual trees does not help the environment or Earth", and posted a link to a Silicon Valley Sluth article. Right after this I left the area, a moment later Mr. Boliver Oddfellow IM's me :

[16:14] Boliver Oddfellow: you are a guest in the Dell sim please behave like an honorered guest and not a griefer
[16:14] Honey Wendt: Dell is not helping the Earth
[16:14] Honey Wendt: By this virtual tree thing, I'm protesting I'm not a griefer.
[16:15] Honey Wendt: Yes call us terrorists now. That's what you people like doing right.
[16:15] Boliver Oddfellow: this is private land if you contunue youwill be banned as a griefer
[16:15] Honey Wendt: I'm not even there.
[16:15] Honey Wendt: Are you threatening me?
[16:15] Boliver Oddfellow: no I am imforming you
[16:15] Boliver Oddfellow: I dont threaten
[16:15] Honey Wendt: You people should not be doing this virtual crap.
[16:16] Honey Wendt: Are you involved in this?
[16:16] Honey Wendt: Who are you to inform me this?
[16:17] Honey Wendt: Do you deny the fact that planting virtual trees is not helping the world? Does Dell deny this?
[16:17] Boliver Oddfellow: you are gone see ya
[16:18] Honey Wendt: Answer the question cause this would be in blogs.
[16:18] Honey Wendt: You are being a representative of dell right?
[16:19] Boliver Oddfellow: I am the CEO of the company that built the sim, and planting a virtual tree does nothing but call attn to the actual program where real money is spent planting real trees
[16:19] Honey Wendt: Just answer this question.
[16:19] Honey Wendt: Does planting virtual trees, by Dell help the Earth.

Apparently, I'm banned from the Dell Islands for lulz.

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The said...

interesting! too bad they didnt give you a dell! if i was dell i'd end this PR boohaha by awarding you a dell.. just the other day my dell caught on fire, i was lucky enough to be in the living room and was able to use the extinguisher on it. but damn dells suck bad.