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Fear of prosecution drives age-players undergound

In Yongchon, there was a school made by a Lolita McAllister, that catered to only men who were interested in having sex with a person pretending to be a girl of the ages 12 and under. For the past few months a good friend of mine has been AR'ed people claiming to be 12 or under there. Here are some conversations (all with girls from the same location that Lolita McAllister is running):
[15:46] (my friend): Hello, how old are you
[15:46] Darren Tani: Hi! Fine thank u
[15:46] (my friend): I said, how old are you.
[15:46] (my friend): Age.
[15:47] Darren Tani: 12
[15:47] Darren Tani: ill b 13 in august
[15:47] (my friend): Do you realize only adults are allowed in
[15:47] Darren Tani: did u know this is
ageplay at this location
[15:47] (my friend): I'm going to send you to a Linden who'd help you off this grid.
[15:47] (my friend):
Advertisement of sexual ageplay is illegal.


[0:41] (my friend): Do you act any age under 18?
[0:41] Sox Ochs: yes if you like i can be what you want me to be xx
[0:42] (my friend): Are you aware this is a bannable offense within Second Life?
[0:42] Sox Ochs: no
[0:42] Sox Ochs: i wasnt aware
[0:43] Sox Ochs: 16 is ok i think
[0:43] (my friend): No.
[0:43] Sox Ochs: im in the uk xx
[0:43] (my friend): This is Second Life, you cannot be sexual at 16.
[0:43] Sox Ochs: its legal
[0:43] (my friend): It's the policy, 18+.
[0:43] (my friend): You did read the notecard near you right?


[15:56] Lynn Negulesco: im as old as u want me to be, hehehe
[15:56] (my friend): how old is that
[15:56] (my friend): roughly
[15:57] Lynn Negulesco: lol, most of my clients ask for me to be between 12 to 14
[15:57] (my friend): you are in the US?
[15:57] Lynn Negulesco: but personnally
[15:57] (my friend): um do you charge?
[15:57] Lynn Negulesco: i can change ages
[15:57] Lynn Negulesco: yes i do
[15:57] (my friend): how much
[15:58] Lynn Negulesco: 600 15 mins, 100 for 30 mins
[15:58] Lynn Negulesco: 1000*
[15:58] (my friend): what age do you like to be?
[15:59] Lynn Negulesco: meh, it makes me happy knowing what age the client want me to be
[15:59] (my friend): One sec
[15:59] Lynn Negulesco: so waht ever age want, i will like it
[15:59] Lynn Negulesco: ok
[15:59] (my friend): You are aware that sexual ageplaying as minor is illegal within SL and considered pedophillic in most western nations?
[16:00] (my friend): That I'm to report you to LL for violation of rules.
[16:00] (my friend): Plus the fact you have been escorting is real bad.

My friend asked this question to many people posing as little girls in the place given above and every single person gave an age under 14 and suggested payment. This is all run by the Madame called Lolita McAllister. (Yeah weirdo you could have found a less obvious name).

All these people lived around this land owned by Lolita McAllister. There used to be a huge sign there which had the note card referring to the new Linden Labs policy on age-play. But that doesn't stop these people from soliciting sex as minors (usually for 1000+ Lindens).

Today, I went to see what was up with this place. Their name has changed, it's still called School, but anything pointing to their real activity (sex with people pretending to be 10 yr old girls) has been taken out.

So have they reformed? I thought they had. When I zoomed in closer I saw a bunch of people including a Jonathan Scamper (with some slaves by his feet) and a Barns Balhaus (looking like a 13-14 yr old) and some other age-players including the owner of the land. It's quite apparent that they have not stopped their activities and that what used to go on out in the open is still happening.

Just for LULZ, I msg'ed Barns Balhaus and asked her what her age was, she claims she's 12 (with a ├╝ber sexual profile and ready for escorting for Ms. Lolita her owner).

Right after that she cleared her profile (My friend mentioned that other age-players also did this ). Kinda amusing cause they have no concept of screenshots or um logs in teh Linden Lab HQ?!

I also sent an IM to Jonathan Scamper and asked him why he's involved in this, he couldn't quite answer my question and kept asking me to show myself to him, (by when I was pretty far away). Anyways, he claims to be an owner of underage (role playing of course) slaves and one of his way of making money in SL is pimping these sorry retards off. There is your daily sickness.


Jonathan Scamper msgs me back to clear his name (sorta), he said his slave was not underage. But yeah he works for Ms. McAllister. He also mentioned a very interesting thing. Ms. McAllister was banned by Linden Labs recently for the same thing I just blogged about, she had just come back to SL.

It's interesting she'd come back and go into pedophilia right away. Oh well.

[10:21] Jonathan Scamper: My slave is not underage and nore does she pretend too be, your perception of what you think looks young and what they say are two different oppinions
[10:24] Honey Wendt: What was a respectable person like you doing in a pedophilic area?
[10:26] Jonathan Scamper: going in too clean it up, but you don't care do you, you see a place and you assume I am apart of it. do you care too ask if I am able too ban people off the land no, do you care too ask my personal slave if she plays young or not, no, you assume things about me because I am here trying too clean up this joint , but instead you slander my name. and there has no proof of me supporting this child crap. all you can say is I asked where you were too have you show me these god awefull pics so I can have the mremoved, but no you assume I want them instead of show them.
[10:27] Honey Wendt: Mr. Scamper, you were role playing in that area.
[10:29] Honey Wendt: You can post what you just wrote as a reply to my blog, or I'll cut and paste this as areply if you like
[10:30] Jonathan Scamper: I was sitting around talking with my slave.
[10:30] Jonathan Scamper: that is all
[10:30] Jonathan Scamper: but you chose too not have them or me know where they were so I could remove them
[10:31] Honey Wendt: Did you not at any time realize you were with a group of people who age-played (sexually) children?
[10:31] Jonathan Scamper: yes after her account was closed
[10:32] Honey Wendt: Who's account?
[10:32] Jonathan Scamper: the boss
[10:32] Honey Wendt: I mean looking at those names, lolita etc..
[10:32] Honey Wendt: Her account is already closed?
[10:32] Jonathan Scamper: after it was closed we changed things too make it legal place
[10:32] Jonathan Scamper: it was a temp closing too get her too change
[10:32] Jonathan Scamper: so she did
[10:32] Jonathan Scamper: that is why she is back
[10:32] Honey Wendt: Why's she back?
[10:33] Jonathan Scamper: so stop harassing us, Lindons thought she must have cleaned up or she wouldn't have
[10:33] Honey Wendt: But the stuff is still happening, Mr. Scamper, I asked a girl right near you how old she is and she said 12.
[10:33] Jonathan Scamper: it is that simple
[10:33] Honey Wendt: Are you with them?
[10:33] Jonathan Scamper: and now that she knows about it, I gave that post too lolita
[10:33] Jonathan Scamper: I can't controll what lolita won't do
[10:33] Jonathan Scamper: I can controll what is going on in front of me
[10:33] Honey Wendt: So she's still whoring these people who pretend to be 12?
[10:33] Jonathan Scamper: you forget she owns the land I do not
[10:34] Jonathan Scamper: no
[10:34] Jonathan Scamper: she isn't
[10:34] Jonathan Scamper: she has cleaned it up
[10:34] Honey Wendt: What is your relationship with this Lolita, if you dont mind me asking.
[10:34] Jonathan Scamper: tha tis why i posted that link too her
[10:34] Jonathan Scamper: so she can see who is still doing ot
[10:34] Jonathan Scamper: it
[10:34] Honey Wendt: Mr. Scamper, I looked around there are kid av's with sexual profiles right there.
[10:34] Honey Wendt: Working for Lolita McAllister.
[10:34] Jonathan Scamper: then that is an issue she must deal with,
[10:35] Jonathan Scamper: I am doing all I can too stop me from being wrong in your opinion, all I know is I am here too clean it up.
[10:35] Honey Wendt: The thing is, you said ([10:33] Jonathan Scamper: so stop harassing us, ) as refering to you and Ms. McAllister?
[10:36] Jonathan Scamper: when I said us, yes i meant her and me, because she has shown me so far that she will ban anyone pretending too be 12, now if the girls you have in that blog don't change there attitude or stop saying they are 12 when they are not, then yea I would leave, but I am giving my friend the benifit. she has cleaned up allot.
[10:37] Jonathan Scamper: so that is why I said stop harassing us
[10:37] Honey Wendt: Was that girl Barns banned?
[10:37] Jonathan Scamper: i do not have the ban list
[10:37] Honey Wendt: On your profile, Ms. McAllister is the first person listed.
[10:37] Jonathan Scamper: I don't own the land
[10:37] Honey Wendt: You were role playing though :) Only one person can own the land, but many can do things on it.
[10:37] Honey Wendt: But this isn't about the land right?
[10:38] Jonathan Scamper: she is the first person listed cause she is a friend "who is cleaning up the place
[10:38] Honey Wendt: This is about role playing under age and being associated with it.
[10:38] Jonathan Scamper: your asking me too tell you something I can not, you asked if she was on the ban list, I can't tell not being an owner you can't
[10:38] Honey Wendt: You worked for her right?
[10:38] Honey Wendt: As a security guard for escorts pretending to be 12.
[10:38] Jonathan Scamper: do I have too repeat yes, because I know now she is doing what she has too too stop what lindins don't wat
[10:39] Jonathan Scamper: *lol* no I didn't work as her security guard
[10:39] Honey Wendt: What did you work as?
[10:40] Jonathan Scamper: someone who signed up the girls and who was warning them each and everyone that they can not play child and gave them a note card from lindins themselves too each sign up, so too sit there and tell me that I agree with it all, is bull, when you haven't seen an example of my aplication proccess
[10:41] Honey Wendt: Like a pimp?
[10:41] Honey Wendt: Do you know the names of the girls listed on top of my blog entry?
[10:41] Jonathan Scamper: no like a fantasy where ADULT avatars can come and escort here
[10:41] Honey Wendt: Darren Tani, Sox Ochs, Lynn Negulesco
[10:42] Jonathan Scamper: I don't know if they have been banned or not, again what i wasn't aware of I can't report too lolita. now that she knows it is up too her too ban them cause I again don't have land rights
[10:43] Honey Wendt: Every single girl there claims to be around 12.
[10:43] Honey Wendt: Well, I usually send stories like this to various Lindens too, so that works pretty fast on banning.
[10:45] Jonathan Scamper: Well good, I am all for it, you think I am going too sit here and not agree that I think age play should be excepted no Hell no. I am all for anyone pretending too be younger than 18 too be known, what you say will help me out, so don't sit there and tell me I am not doing my part, and here is a copy of what i hand out all girls during there orientation.
[10:45] Jonathan Scamper: that is in dutch form
[10:45] Jonathan Scamper: so you even know I do it for anyone not speaking english too.
[10:46] Honey Wendt: Even though you hand that out (and I saw it in that land too) the girls are all dressed up as kids and seuxally age-play pre-teens.
[10:46] Honey Wendt: You want people to pretend to be younger than 18 sexually?
[10:46] Honey Wendt: About 10?
[10:47] Jonathan Scamper: if we beleive they are acting like children and "arn't small adults" then of course will do something about it. if we discriminate against dwarfs then I should die, dwarfs should be allowed too play themselves here too, they shouldn't have too be adult looking in height just because of some idiot who wants too beleive all short people are playing young
[10:48] Honey Wendt: Well thank you for your time. I have to go now.
[10:48] Jonathan Scamper: of course you do, too go slander more of this conversation in your blog
[10:49] Honey Wendt: Mr. scamper, it's an external private blog beloning to me, I can post anything I like there.
[10:50] Honey Wendt: I can't do that here, but I can there, you are free to write anything there as well as I do not censor.
[10:50] Jonathan Scamper: you do it too slander names of people who are not doing what you claim like me for example "bad taste, even if private
[10:52] Honey Wendt: Well, I try to tell the truth, I've gathered information on Ms. McAllister's little playground for months.
[10:53] Honey Wendt: You should be aware of this by seeing the logs posted.
[10:53] Honey Wendt: If there is any futher concern, I suggest you make a post. Thank you very much. And Goodbye.
[10:53] Jonathan Scamper: and yet nothing against me, but you still slander my name. I see your reporting is not pick out the good people, but rather the more people you can mention the better for your report


I just googled for "Lolita McAllister", and found this little burb on TSO Enquirer:


Posted Thursday December 28, 2006

It has been reported that A Child Avie Prostitution Ring is Operatin in SL called The Girls School Clubhouse, Yongcho. Apparently it is run by a head Mistress named Lolita McAllister. According to one witness who visited the clubhouse , Lolita openly admitted that although all the prostitues were children, their RL Controllers were 18 and over. Needless to say, the Appauled Witness reported the Shameful Madame and the Clubhouse to Lindens on Wednesday December 27, 2006. They have yet to Reply... But we will keep you posted as soon as they do

Apparently this pedophile has been running a child av whore house since December, I wonder why Lindens allow someone like this to be within Second Life. This person shouldbe investigated and thrown into jail or a mental asylum.


Annie said...

Hi from someone who knows this school. First, Honey, this is the second day of our "reform" as you call it, not due to agreement in principle but due to our constant adaptation to stay within the tos and community standards of SL. Your information is quite one-sided but of course that is because it fuels controversy and you need that to interest people in your blog. Sexual ageplay was allowed in SL until recently and it is as legitimate a roleplay as rape, incest, bestiality, torture, slavery, and of course everyone's favorite, KILLING. These are ALL ILLEGAL activities in real life but of course SL is NOT real life. it is fantasy. Why is there an attack on one sort of RL illegal activity being roleplayed by CONSENTING ADULTS while all the rest are seen as good clean fun? Tell me, Honey, what is more obscene, murder or sex ? Real child porn or molestation is disgusting! but Honey, these are consenting adults using pixels to roleplay, no real children are involved whatsoever! If you are concerned about child abuse please do not waste your time on virtual reality games but give your time to a real life organization that helps abused children. Whether you agree with ageplay or not is not the point-- it is a question of freedom. You either allow the freedom to RP activities that are illegal in RL or you do not!!! Any other policy is hypocritical. As for the school in Yongchon, it is reforming to adhere to SL policy in every way... and you will notice that while our avatars are petite, the best looking in SL, they are NOT CHILD AVS! If you have a suggestion on how to police every single escort (we had 150) from rp'ing a young age in IM please offer your suggestion to the staff. They are working hard to make that school the best escort service in SL. But rather than throwing stones why don't you try to communicate with these people and find out what their real intentions and activities are? Your journalistic methods thus far have been less than ethical and certainly not fair. Please consider posting a more balanced report in the future. Literally tens of 1000's of people enjoy the yongchon school because the staff there are good people and the most cooperative you will find in SL. Thank you for hearing my opinion and I am sure to have more posts in the future.

Annie said...

Your first words:
In Yongchon, there was a school made by a Lolita McAllister, that catered to only men who were interested in having sex with a person pretending to be a girl of the ages 12 and under.

WOW!!! THIS is a false statement. Were it true I would be immediately repulsed by the school! But it is false! The school was created as a high school for girls 16-18, which is legal in MOST PARTS of the world! Some escorts began roleplaying younger on their own as you can imagine. And that has always ALWAYS been discouraged! LOLITA herself is a petite av, definitely, but could certainly be seen as 18 years old.

I agree, now that ageplay is forbidden in SL the escorts need to stop roleplaying young. But attacking a LOLITA, who is a legitimate business person, is the wrong method of executing this change. TRY being HELPFUL rather than antagonistic. If you succeed in tormenting or even closing this school you will still have failed to prevent ageplay, all you will have done is close an escort service that has a huge client base and that is eager to comply with SL community standards. Thanks again for your tolerance of a different point of view in letting me post my ideas.

Honey Wendt said...

Annie wrote: "WOW!!! THIS is a false statement. Were it true I would be immediately repulsed by the school! But it is false! The school was created as a high school for girls 16-18, which is legal in MOST PARTS of the world!"

Ms. Annie, in Second Life, only age legal is 18+.

Honey Wendt said...

Annie said "But attacking a LOLITA, who is a legitimate business person, is the wrong method of executing this change. TRY being HELPFUL rather than antagonistic. If you succeed in tormenting or even closing this school you will still have failed to prevent ageplay,".

Ms. Annie, this legitimate business person called Lolita McAllister, was banned from Second Life recently (and just got back) according to her very close friend and employee Jonathan Scamper. You can see a full log of this in the update.

The reason she was banned was due to the same reasons I mentioned in this thread.

I really do hope you are not going to run that whore house allowing people to be 16.

The said...

Hah.. this is teh fun I just finished reading it.

And to the person from that escort service claiming they don't even look like kids?

Man.. did you even check out the screenshot of Lolita girl? ROLFCOPTER.

I think Lindens would close this joint fast.. FTW.

The said...

Yo ms.wendt, i checked around these guys are all from Germany ftw lol. also that girl barns balhaus is in an interesting group called "PussyKids"... !!

its funny how lolita thinks just changing her escort services name could stop it from being teh pedo service it always has been. i bet she's like a 50 yr old dude from arkansas.

Annie said...

The school was created as a high school for girls 16-18, which is legal in MOST PARTS of the world!

Ms. Annie, in Second Life, only age legal is 18+.

In Real Life all the school escorts were and are 18+.

No child avs are allowed. Escorts may use petite avs, like Barn's but not child avs. Barns and others have been ordered to stop roleplaying a young age... as below:

With the new rules all escorts have been told they must roleplay 18+ as well, and if asked their RP age, they should not answer anything, but leave it to the imagination of their client.

Actually at the time the school was created roleplaying any age sexually was allowed. REAL AGE and ROLEPLAYING age are two separate things. Someone can be 50 years old and Roleplay a baby, a child, a dog, or even a dragon. ALL escorts at the school were forced to write in their own Bio Note that they are 18 or older in REAL LIFE, whether they played a child, a woman, or a hamster in SL. You must stop confusing REAL AGE (always 18+) with the fantasy age. As mentioned above, all school escorts are required to present themselves as 18+ in their fantasies.

I dont agree with this policy ethically but the school does enforce ALL real laws and SL rules.
Lolita's account was frozen because of an error in interpretation, in fact, one of her groups was named for LOLITA Fashion style from Japan, which she is creating in SL. Look it up in wikipedia, it has nothing to do with young girls. Her account was restored because she is a legit business person. Thanks again. I agree with your good intentions but a few of your facts, though many are true, have been false; and I believe in cooperation with honest people rather than hateful attacks, and I hope you do too.

The said...

yo annie, i checked this schoo (The school was created as a high school for girls 16-18, which is legal in MOST PARTS of the world!).. lol.. and i guess i wanna know if all highschools come equiped with so many sex stuff as yours does? the whole place is a sex house. is that how all highschools for girls 16-18 are in all MOST PARTS of the world?! dang, which part of the world im not living in?

The said...

i can see the truth! lol

you guys are mostly from uk and germany?

you have people working who are rl 16-18. they are pretending to be under 13 (as per the conversations on main page)...

i see what you done there.. ha ha ha.

come on you guys need to realize no one is gonna get rich in the escort biz (not since anshe chung)

Annie said...

dear The...

as said before, all the escorts are 18+ in real life.

(none are younger than 18)

yes, it is an escort service as well as a school (started as a "high school" for 18+ people to pretend to be high school kids but is now a school for adults)

Annie said...

the school was not built for profit it was built for fun. It was never intended to attract pedophiles or even ageplayers (there is a big difference) but only a nice, clean, healthy place to explore the Schoolgirl fetish... the schoolgirl uniform and ponytails, etc. There is a huge market for that in this world! Its all over porn shops, magazines, and even tv. The school never wanted to get involved in the ageplay business in SL even when it was accepted. Before persecuting someone, you should look closely. At least have a trial before you hang them!!!

Zoe Connolly said...
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georgialass said...

I know many Americans think they're the center of the world so here's some facts. The age of consent for sexual activity is not the same as the US all over the world *gasp*. Here's some facts:

16 IS old enough for REAL sex in the UK, but according to you and your friend, honey, virtual sex is not? *laugh*

And just how do you tell if a virtual person is 16 vs 18, anyway? Do you have to show them your virtual ID? If an avatar virtual body looks like an 80 year old woman but claims she's virtually 17, you're gonna start up the thought police sirens again?

Oh and by the way, you and your legal attorney friend (*laugh*) need to actually READ what the supposed prohibition says:

"involving minors"

Did you know that "minor" is defined differently in different countries? If you're going by the American definition, then "minors" are legally allowed to have REAL sex all over Europe (read the link I gave you, but I'm sure you won't take the time to climb all the way down that high horse).

The said...


we are talking about Second Life, a virtual world created by Linden Labs of SF. Spiffy company.

Anyways they define adult to be 18+. And only persons of 18 years and older are allowed within seconds life.

There exists a separate world for teens, called teen grid: people of 13-17 years of age.

enjoy the fun facts! and see you soon in second life!!!

Jeff said...

Georgialass, your right, thats what they can do whatever they want when they reach the age of adulthood in whatever country they are from. I do not personally play SL, although I have tried it. Your argument has no basis though because the problem lays withing the TOS that every user agrees to when playing the game. I am not sure where the company that made SL is from, but they are governed by those laws, and if they are in the US, then its 18+ Its as simple as that.

Personally I think its disgusting and morally reprehensible that people would do such a thing and it goes to show how responsible the maker of SL is. If the people are not pedophiles when they are in the game, they are dangerously close to becomming one. Maybe Dateline should join and do stories on the type of activites that are occuring online.

georgialass said...

the and jeff:

I am talking about Second Life too. And I am talking about the apparent age of the AVATAR, not the human being. Of course every human should be 18+, that's not the issue and never has been. The story is about AGEPLAY not about REAL minors in SL. It is even talking about how old an avatar looks, and you know it. Nice deflection, though. Ok, if you were genuinely confused, then maybe that wasn't a deflection. Sorry. I am talking about AVATAR age. To make it very clear. Ageplay is about consenting ADULTS playing children. The people at that location even told honey that it was AGEPLAY and she understood it was about AGEPLAY and commented on the apparent age of the AVATARS.

If anyone thinks it's illegal to ageplay like that in the US, I challenge you to actually cite a LAW that is being violated. It's going to be hard though, considering THIS is the law of the land:

And if you think it's "illegal in SL" which I guess you mean is violating the TOS for 18+ adults to ageplay, again, you're going to have to actually read what the rules say, which is that you are not allowed to depicts MINORS. Absolutely nowhere is age mentioned in the rules, and MINOR is a legal term different from country to country.

It may be disgusting to do something, and it may even be disgusting to be a pedophile but it's not illegal in the US to be a pedophile because you would be policing people's thoughts. It's illegal to hurt children, as it should be. It's illegal to help provide the market for real child abuse by possessing pictures of them being hurt.

But like the United States Supreme Court said, no real child is involved and no real child is harmed, so to criminalize virtual things is ridiculous. It is not government's job to police thoughts (at least in the US).

Oh, and if you think someone is going to become a pedophile for playing games with another adult, I guess you think that every other movie that comes out of Hollywood inspires people to become homicidal maniacs. And every violent video game inspires people to commit a Columbine. No, only SOME people will do that. But believe it or not, there are responsible adults in the world, and even responsible children who play violent games.

Otherwise, why not ban every form of entertainment except Bible hour and My Little Pony? Thought policing is a bad policy.

Oh and when Dateline shows people trying to hook up with 16 year olds which is illegal in most US states (some states it's not), I'm sure all the foreigners from Europe look at it and laugh thinking "yeah? so what?"

Get some perspective, people.