Thursday, December 21, 2006

SA Goons crack me up

Ok, we've been been assulted by them, they were the terrorists, they released several thousand (maybe million?) self replicating objects into SL. Brought down an entire world... many times. Defaced the map and griefed everyone. But.... apart from all that (and having been someone who lived 2 sims away from now defunt Satyr). I have to admit... .... that they are pretty funny.

So they have this new video thingy going, called the Second Life Safari where they post their many exploits in griefing and various other mischief. Some of which are hilarious. Check them all out, it's fun stuff.

It's funny how I stumbled on their video, I was doing a google name search for the dude who had a very Kafka conversation with me yesterday and came across him and a similar ban-happyness he had with Prok, from where I saw this link to SL Safari! Keep up the good work!!

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