Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Age-players what do you have to hide?

I was just randomly flying around in Second Life when I saw this lady called "Lia Olaria", her profile looked liked she was into age-play.

Since I was bored, and I was in a world where the basic premise is to talk and communicate, I opened up a question to her as follows:

[9:00] Honey Wendt: Are age-players pedophiles?
[9:00] Lia Olaria sight
[9:00] Lia Olaria: no
[9:00] Lia Olaria sighs
[9:00] Honey Wendt: Why are you sighing?
[9:01] Lia Olaria: because alot of ppl assume that
[9:01] Honey Wendt: Then what are age-players?
[9:01] Lia Olaria: and are intolerant and stupid
[9:01] Honey Wendt: One of you play the role of a child and another an adult, and have sex play?
[9:01] Lia Olaria: adults who roleplay as children
[9:02] Honey Wendt: But isnt this simulated child pornography as defined by the new law.
[9:02] Lia Olaria: not all ageplayers are involved in adult activities
[9:02] Lia Olaria: and no, it's not
[9:02] Honey Wendt: The child usually looks like a child right? Who would know it's an adult playing a child?
[9:02] Honey Wendt: But are you involved in this type of activity when Age-playing?
[9:03] Lia Olaria: nope
[9:03] Lia Olaria: i'm just a brat
[9:03] Honey Wendt: I just saw you at a club for something similar.
[9:03] Honey Wendt: That's why I'm asking.
[9:03] Lia Olaria: i'm an adult in an adult avie
[9:03] Honey Wendt: Is it a perversion, are you trying something you can't do RL?
[9:03] Lia Olaria: you must not have looked very closely
[9:03] Honey Wendt: I saw you at some girl's something club, to do with age-play?
[9:04] Lia Olaria: and i'm not going to have a debate with you so i am going to mute you now and ban you from our parcel

I did not understand why she'd ban me from a "parcel", I did not feel my conversation warranted such an act. Oh wait this is post ban-happy SL. Anyways, I was a bit disturbed as her profile clearly stated she was an age-player and I first saw her near a club that looked like a place for not so nice age-play. Anyways, I saw a man's name listed as her husband (Relkin Warrigal), and figured he'd know why she just banned me from some parcel.


[9:09] Honey Wendt: I had a very interesting but cordial conversation with your age-playing wife, she ended the conversation saying I have been banned from some parcel. Why the ban happyness? What parcel might it be? I'd like to know.
[9:10] Relkin Warrigal: hang on I'll take care of it
[9:10] Honey Wendt: Ok
[9:16] Relkin Warrigal: ok, your conversation with her aside, what can I help you with
[9:16] Honey Wendt: I'd like to know which parcel I might have been banned from for asking a question regarding age-play.
[9:17] Relkin Warrigal: it wasnt that you were asking about it, it was the way you asked
[9:17] Relkin Warrigal: it came across as hostile
[9:17] Honey Wendt: Hostile to who? I was mearly trying to get to the bottom of this. But does that even come remotely to banning someone from some unname parcel?
[9:18] Relkin Warrigal: the way you worded your questions made it seem like you were directing them at her specifically
[9:19] Honey Wendt: But it was a general question, SL is still free enough for someone to ask questions right? Or have most people locked themsleves away in their own enclaves already?
[9:19] Honey Wendt: Is it your group policy to ban people from some remote parcel just due to the way a question is asked?
[9:20] Relkin Warrigal: and in light of the fact that we have been having ALOT of griefer problems lately, she did what she felt was right in order to protect herself and our group from something potentially hostile
[9:20] Relkin Warrigal: again, it was the way you asked them
[9:20] Honey Wendt: I'm sorry but this does not fit into any model of sane and logical conclusion I could come up with. A mere question warrents a parcel ban at an undisclosed place?
[9:20] Relkin Warrigal: are you listening to Me
[9:21] Honey Wendt: How was I to formulate a question regarding age-play?
[9:21] Relkin Warrigal: it wasnt the questions
[9:21] Honey Wendt: Ofcourse.
[9:21] Relkin Warrigal: it was the way they were worded
[9:21] Honey Wendt: But, how is this got to do with any parcel. That is the point of my question, why the ban happyness, why do you want to dig a hole and hide (in other words) and keep anyone with even a tiny bit of curisoity away.
[9:21] Relkin Warrigal: it sounded like they were being directed specifically at her and our group
[9:21] Honey Wendt: Is what you do here so wrong?
[9:22] Honey Wendt: I do not know her group, I saw your name as her husband and assumed you will know what parcel I might have been banned from.
[9:22] Relkin Warrigal: I do
[9:22] Relkin Warrigal: now please hear Me out
[9:23] Honey Wendt: Ah, then the point of htis conversation, please answer if it is your current policy to ban someone from one of your parcels for merely having a conversation.
[9:23] Honey Wendt: There are other ways to deal with someone who asks questions, I am assuming she knows more about mute since she suggested it herself.
[9:23] Relkin Warrigal: if it was jif you will please stop interrupting Me, I will answer you
[9:24] Honey Wendt: Go ahead. Read out your policy on banning people.
[9:26] Relkin Warrigal: you were banned because of the way you worded your seemed like you were directing them specifically at her and our group...and since we have been having alot of trouble with griefers attacking us because of the ageplay, she has been very upset, and jumped the gun on banning.....
[9:26] Relkin Warrigal: now...
[9:26] Relkin Warrigal: if you were asking purely out of curiousity, and not meaning to sound hostile,,,,,,,,
[9:27] Honey Wendt: Jumped the gun as in did something not according to policy?
[9:27] Relkin Warrigal: then I do appologize and we would be happy to help you understand more clearly about ageplay
[9:28] Honey Wendt: I no longer wish to inquire about age-play, my point was about the ban on an unspecified parcel.
[9:28] Honey Wendt: I was probably not even in the same sim she was in.
[9:28] Relkin Warrigal: at the time of the ban, no you werent
[9:29] Honey Wendt: Let me restate my question, it has nothing to do with age-play, but mearly to do with being banned on a parcel, I would like to know which parcel so as to avoid it when exploring.
[9:30] Relkin Warrigal: well if we can talk this out like adults, and leave it on friendly terms there will be no need for you to avoid it
[9:30] Honey Wendt: I am not talking like an adult?
[9:30] Relkin Warrigal: I didnt mean it like that
[9:31] Honey Wendt: Maybe a further restating, am I banned on an unspecified parcel, in a location that you only know, that I might have to avoid?
[9:32] Relkin Warrigal: again, if we can answer your questions about ageplay and make sure that you're not asking with hostile intentions, there wont be a reason to avoid it
[9:32] Honey Wendt: I am no longer interested in the question about age-play, I am more interested, worried about being banned at a parcel I might not have visited yet, but may infact run accoss sometime in the future and not know why I'm banned there.
[9:33] Relkin Warrigal: and no, it is not being hidden because we are doing anything wrong, it is being hidden to avoid possible hostile acts
[9:33] Honey Wendt: Do I sound like someone who would do something hostile? I understand you are new to SL, but let me announce that I am an alt, and this is pretty amusing to me.
[9:33] Honey Wendt: One question and I'd be out of your hair.
[9:34] Honey Wendt: Am I banned from whatever location she claimed I was banned.
[9:34] Relkin Warrigal: if you've been on SL for a while then you should be used to running into barriers, why does one more matter
[9:35] Honey Wendt: I am not used to running into barriers, these are very new.
[9:35] Honey Wendt: But please do answer my question, am I banned?
[9:36] Relkin Warrigal: I will lift the ban if you promise Me that no hostility will be brought here
[9:37] Honey Wendt: But that's not the question I asked, and when did you assume i'd bring hostility, do I sound like someone who would do such a thing?
[9:37] Honey Wendt: I think, there is a lack of commuincation here.
[9:37] Relkin Warrigal: I'm sorry for being so protective, but as I've said before, we've been having alot of trouble from idiots spreading rumors and other things aobut us
[9:37] Honey Wendt: Clearly, you have made some assumptions about me that are improper.
[9:38] Honey Wendt: But you have already stated she did not act according to your policy, if she has banned me, (and since you said you'd lift this ban, I'm assuming she has).
[9:38] Honey Wendt: In your own words " she has been very upset, and jumped the gun on banning.....".
[9:39] Honey Wendt: You do have a policy on unfairness? I think this is something we all have, would you do this to me in real life, if you were my neighbor?
[9:40] Honey Wendt: And back to the adult talk, I would like to know if this is how you treat people in your daily acitivites, when you to do your groceries, when you deal with bankers, when you deal with various merchants and random people you come into contact with.
[9:41] Relkin Warrigal: if they come across hostile as you did, yes I would tell them to back off
[9:41] Honey Wendt: When have I been hostile? I've been very polite with you.
[9:41] Relkin Warrigal: I have already stated
[9:41] Honey Wendt: I have been very paitent, you have not been able to answer my original question, which I stated several times.
[9:42] Relkin Warrigal: the way you worded your questions made it seem like you had hostile intentions
[9:42] Honey Wendt: I'm sorry but you seem not to understand what I'm asking, or you seem not to follow my conversation.
[9:42] Honey Wendt: What would hostile intentions be?
[9:43] Relkin Warrigal: the way you worded your questions made it look like they were asking about her and our group specifically
[9:43] Honey Wendt: [9:09] Honey Wendt: I had a very interesting but cordial conversation with your age-playing wife, she ended the conversation saying I have been banned from some parcel. Why the ban happyness? What parcel might it be? I'd like to know.
[9:43] Honey Wendt: This question?
[9:44] Relkin Warrigal: I'm talking about your conversation with her
[9:44] Honey Wendt: Have you seen my conversation with her?
[9:44] Relkin Warrigal: yes
[9:44] Honey Wendt: Do you know this is against the ToS.
[9:44] Honey Wendt: I have only been speaking of my ban from some unknown place.
[9:45] Relkin Warrigal: thats where our problem is, we're having 2 different conversations lol
[9:45] Honey Wendt: I am not aware, I gave permission to Ms. Olaria, to show my conversation at 9:00am to you.
[9:46] Relkin Warrigal: she gave it to Me so I could understand what was going on properly
[9:46] Honey Wendt: Yes very much so. My whole question has been on where I have been banned and exactly why and policies around it, which you have stated was not properly followed due to her state of mind at that moment.
[9:46] Relkin Warrigal: and its not a violation of ToS unless its used hostily
[9:46] Relkin Warrigal: which it IS NOT
[9:47] Honey Wendt: If she has given it to you, you are aware that recording a private conversation and handing it over to a 3rd party without the consent of both parties involved is a violation of the Terms of Service and community code?
[9:47] Relkin Warrigal: if it was a violation, they wouldnt have added chat logging to SL
[9:47] Honey Wendt: I'm sorry but did you read them before you clicked "Accept"
[9:47] Honey Wendt: Chat logging is illegal if it is done withou the permission and handed over to a 3rd party.
[9:48] Honey Wendt: Just as chat bugs and whatever else is. I thought this was common knowledge.
[9:48] Relkin Warrigal: then why do they give that ability to the entire grid
[9:49] Honey Wendt: For your own use among people who have given that permission, I never gave Ms. Olaria permission to hand my private conversation with her to you.
[9:49] Relkin Warrigal: has it been used against you in a hostile way?
[9:50] Relkin Warrigal: no
[9:50] Relkin Warrigal: it was used so I could understand the situation
[9:50] Honey Wendt: This is against clause 4 of the community standards if I'm not mistaken.
[9:50] Honey Wendt: Remotely monitoring conversations, posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without consent are all prohibited in Second Life and on the Second Life Forums.
[9:50] Honey Wendt: Pasted for your own convincence.
[9:51] Honey Wendt: I'm sorry, I'd have to end this conversation here. Good bye.
[9:51] Relkin Warrigal: IF they are used in a hostile way
[9:52] Relkin Warrigal: suit yourself, all I've been trying to do is get to the bottom of what happened and you refused to answer Me unless it was on your terms
[9:54] Relkin Warrigal: and yes, the way you classified her by saying "your age-playing wife" was taken as hostile
[9:54] Honey Wendt: Is she not an age-player? Her profile states so.
[9:55] Relkin Warrigal: generalizing and classifying can be taken as hostile.....again, you need to be careful how you word things in a non-audible forum so it is not mistaken
[9:56] Honey Wendt: I'm sorry, but no one would mistake her for not an age-player. It pretty much is what her whole profile is about.
[9:56] Relkin Warrigal: the fact that you're being argumenative doesnt help either
[9:57] Honey Wendt: I have already tried to end this conversation, but it keeps going, is there anything else I could help you with today?

Arrgh! That was long, anyways, it seemed like he did not know what I was talking about at first, or maybe he did not care to to listen to me. But I was bored, and I was having a fun time just reminding him that I was merely interested in his parcel ban. His Second Life experience seem to be lacking in many areas; some of which include, the ability to not understand Second Life's community standards, the ability to not follow a conversation, being overly protective and highly suspicious of anyone asking a question about his lifestyle and so on.

Thus, I wonder... what's there to hide age-players? And why are you so ban-happy? Which parcel was I banned in BTW?


Sammy said...

Hi. I play second life a bit (not much though cause my laptop doesnt handle the graphics very well) But ive been watching this whole agepllay thing going on in SL with interest. im an ageplayer..if thats what we're calling it here for simplistic reasons. but I guess what happened to you in the game was just a backlash from people being overcautious. you see not all ageplayers are into sex type activities whilst pretending to be underage. Some people are feel the need to regress to a younger state to help deal with abusive childhoods and such like. Others just want to recapture that sence of freedom and innocence and lack of respoinsibility that only being a child will let them have. So when people automatically make the connection between ageplay and peodophillia it is quite upsetting cause its far from the truth for most of us. unfortunately the random few who are into it for those sorta kicks kinda drag the rest of teh ageplay community down with us. So i think yoo may have accidentally upset people just by being curious. *hugs*

The Triumvirate said...

Well, coming from a person who has only briefly been in Second life...I read your conversation and you didn't honestly ask any questions or debated were being "pushy"

You were being hostile and a bother. I would have "muted" you too.

I am assuming people are free not to listen to you right?

Vyper said...

[9:47] Honey Wendt: If she has given it to you, you are aware that recording a private conversation and handing it over to a 3rd party without the consent of both parties involved is a violation of the Terms of Service and community code?


Isn't that what you just did? Shall you file the Abuse Report, or shall I?

Taylor said...

I play secondlife all the time and your IMs were not the most welcoming you were rude and very hostile it was irritating to read this blog.
i felt myself no longer caring about the initial topic of ageplay and just wondering why u were being so mean to complete strangers..

I'd have banned you solely for griefing as to prevent future drama to unsuspecting group members

randy said...

Wow I just happened on this page by mistake, and I know nothing about age play or second life. after reading the post from honey wendt I can make a conclusion that this person is a obnoxious tormented sole, and really should take a pill for that mental disorder as to not spread his ill thoughts any further Good luck with this second life and age players thing ! Glad to not know what or where this all happens!

randy said...

Wow I just happened on this page by mistake, and I know nothing about age play or second life after reading the post from honey wendt I can make a conclusion that this person is a obnoxious tormented sole, and really should take a pill for that mental disorder as to not spread his ill thoughts any further Good luck with this second life and age players thing ! Glad to not know what or where this all happens!

tucker_amanda5 said...

I can see why they thought you might be hostile actually... you were very rude and it was very clear that you didn't care what the other party had to say unless it gave you the answer you wanted to hear.... :/ Maybe if you're a little more kind in the future you might raise awareness and get a little sympthay.

blackwidow63957 said...

*roars with a dragon's ferociousness* I am a AVID SL player, and you were quite rude. just for this post I am muting you. I have lots of friends who are ageplayers. 9/10ths of them are builders who prefer to be a child just so ppl will leave them in peace to "play" *shakes head* Hun, you really should get a life instead of being a B***H! (and I am the one who put the asterisks because you aren't the bother to be called the full word.

Eva said...

Are you hereby violating the ToS yourself? Are you so deluded to think that by quoting ToS at them and then violating it yourself by pasting it on a publicly available website, would make it sort of "even" in the eyes of the law you so seem to understand and uphold?

Are you also trying to convince yourself and the rest of the world that the whole reason for this pathetic rant weighs just on the ban you received? It is up to you - you may believe what you like. I for one would at least like to be truthful to myself at least for the sake of my own integrity.

Wouldn't it be more likely that those people saw straight through you and stripped your courtesy coated fit from the very start and proceeded by defending the actual thing you were after - probably being stunned, and moderately amused, at the fact that you held on with your teeth to the "banning" incident like a baby when it was perfectly clear to them, as it is to everybody else, what you are after?

Would you also, in the same order of thinking, attempt to defame daemons because they're committing sacrilege? Or perhaps dwarfs for drinking too much ale and defaming short people's reputation? As far as I know law - and please understand that I still don't consider myself an expert - homicide is a very grave offense. Would you like to join the combat sims and rant about homicide?

No worries though, there's a bottomless pit of things to complain about, both RL and SL - if that keeps you happy. He came out as an idiot and you came out as an ass. You go well together - perhaps you should roll a child AV and call him "Daddy!". You might enjoy it - you'd be amazed at his efficiency to grant you pleasure as opposed to the freebie "wanna fuck?" salute. It will equally let you take out your frustrations but it will achieve that in a more elegant manner as opposed to reiterating the same views on taboo subjects that we've all seen and heard before.

I'll just stop here - sorry - I had more to say previously but I got bored and want to do something else. Looked at the rest of your blog - probably that put me off. Ethics and thematic conversations with GMs. Heh. You're some piece of work. Why don't you just play Mario Kart? Uh, I wanted to remove that sentence because I realized there are no GMs in Mario Kart and I doubt you'd have too many people taking you seriously when you complain about the ethics of small frame children lookalikes driving karts at very high speeds.

Reroll Tetris! :-)

maryjean005 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
maryjean005 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
maryjean005 said...

avoid anyone with the e_mail address,, or are all the same person who is male but sometimes play females.The male adult will be your daddy for awhile then just leave and not come back.You will get hurt so watch yourselves.They sometimes use the nicks kelly,mrmike or susan.

mousegang said...

WTF?! I understand 'ageplay' is a horrible thing. Nor do I play this wannabe mmo. I prefer mmos with actual content. This game has always seemed like a money pit to m. How do you think the second conversation about ageplay you posted would back your conversation? He wasn't answering your conversation, nor were you asking his. You had that leetist attitude towards him. I'd ban you too, you seem like an uberbitch

DrNemesis said...

I'd have banned you too. I could care less about age players (so long as they're adults), however in both conversations you came across as pushy, arrogant, obnoxious and confrontational. Simply being so without resorting to rude words, or blatantly inflammatory comments, does not make it alright. I suspect, and would suspect if you had come to me with a similar attitude, that you understand this all too well and are simply trying to get a rise, so you can then wave the evidence around in front of others. Sadly for you, you didn't get a rise from these guys. They didn't fly off the handle or hurl abuse, They simply cut you off and muted them. Well done to them.

And as has been pointed out, irony of ironies, you have now done exactly what you accused that chap of by reposting a private conversation.

Rantinator said...

What I find hilarious, are all these jokers saying how you, Honey, had violated the TOS by posting conversations without prior concent by the other party. If that was true, then you would have been banned from SL. In regards to your questioning. Granted, you could have done better, but you could have done far worse as well.

wallacethe5 said...

I am sad to say this but.... your posts does not reflect you in a good light.

In other words.

You were being a jerk.

jimmy2x said...

Rantinator, try coming out of your cloister for five minutes and read the community standards for yourself. Everyone and their brother by now knows that sharing IMs without consent is a ToS violation.

Honey, I'm glad you abandoned this blog, you have a lot to talk about and nothing to say. You're the only one that came out looking bad after this exchange. I can't get over the irony of your lecturing him about the ToS. She shared the IM with ONE person yet you have no objections pasting the same chat on a PUBLIC blog. Do you know what the word 'hypocrite' means?

Is it really that difficult to figure out why he wouldn't tell you where their parcel was? Considering your confrontational attitude he probably assumed you were a troll. Honestly I'm surprised how patient he was. Most sane people would have told you to go play in traffic.

I hope in the years since this post you've learned a thing or two about manners.