Monday, January 1, 2007

Mystitool, the best thingy in SL?

This is Mysti (aka Mystical Cookie), and she's amazing...

How is she amazing? Well... she's the creator of MystiTool and it's a must buy for anyone who spends more than 1 hour a week in SL.

What is MystiTool? Well... it's a lot of useful things packed into a tiny neat HUD button that instantly lets you do magical stuff like freezing you in space! Yes you will be frozen and no griefer can ever move you. Isn't that neat? MystiTool has that and more.

Let me just cut and paste all the stuff it has:

  1. * Avatar Scanner - Shows nearby AVs with distance and activity.
  2. * Sim-Wide AV Scan - Scans an entire sim in 15-45 seconds!
  3. * Remote Sim-Wide AV Scan - Run sim-wide AV scans remotely.
  4. * Favorite Locations - Stores up to 45 locations for quick and easy teleporting!
  5. * Landmark Manager - Unlimited landmark storage for quick teleports!
  6. * Teleport History - Automatically remembers your last 36 teleports!
  7. * Object Rezzer - Quickly rez your favorite objects without inventory hunting!
  8. * AV Following Chair - Follow your friends while afk or scripting!
  9. * Table + Automatic Seating - Low prim and always one seat available!
  10. * Sky Platform Rezzer - Rez a building platform in the sky or at your feet!
  11. * Non-Physical Vehicle (aka "Sit Shield") - Prevents you from being pushed in all situations! Walk through walls!
  12. * Camera Follower - Follows your camera position. Seats up to six passengers, making this extremely useful for group building!
  13. * URL Catcher - Gives you a popup when URLs are heard in chat!
  14. * Flight Assist - Allows you to fly to ANY height!
  15. * Bug Scanner - Shows nearby active objects. Know if you are being spied on!
  16. * Mimic - Say, shout, or whisper anything as any name!
  17. * Popup Sender - Send popup menus with any text to your friends!
  18. * Auto Updating - Automatically receive new updates forever!
That's just a few of the neat stuff she packs into her little hud unit. Once you try this HUD, you just can't live without it. And she's amazing with the updates, her updates are all automagical and very neat (if only LL could emulate her bug free version updates .. sigh).

Oh she has a rezzer, a color converter, fun land tools, neat follow chair and security stuff like killing an avatar ! :D Not to mention all sorts of peacetime use stuff too.. like Sky Platforms and useful stats like Sim warnings and so on. She also has tons of different types of scanners built into it. All this packed into one cute little button in you HUD!

Mytitool is a must get (btw.. did I mention the non-physical cube?! You sit on it and you can walk through walls.. yay). Go get yourself one now!



Buy it at the following places.

Blumfield (26,147,298)


wizard said...

Mysti is everything you say it is, and more. I can't say how much I appreciate Mysti and what it does for me and my state of mind in sl.

subquark said...

Wow! What a wonderful write up on the Mysti! Thank you very much, you will be my reference to anyone asking about it! It is a great tool!